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    A DAY WITH...

    There are three of them. Three women who are independent and accomplished, free and creative. They are Charlotte Huguet, Gesa Hansen and Estelle Marandon. Three ex-Parisians recently settled down in the countryside, a few kilometres away from each other, in a clearing of the Forest of Fontainebleau, right in the heart of the Gatinais Francais Regional Natural Park. As neighbours, they embark on a joint adventure, this rich experience of migrating to reinvent a way of living.

    They quickly became friends to form a small group we were delighted to encounter. Their union as a threesome created a strong sisterly spirit that greatly struck and seduced us all. We discovered three contrasting individuals, three strong and endearing personalities, and the strength of the link they wove between their shared aspirations: the quest for personal and professional fulfilment close to nature. They got together to sketch out a rural harmony that still draws influence from the previous lives they enjoyed as city-dwelling women, this Bohemian woman who at heart feels just as much at home in the city as in the fields, and whom Léon & Harper love to dress up.

    A brand-new trio with a joint project in the making. Christened Countryfication, this project explores various forms of expression to talk about the burgeoning phenomenon of city-dwellers searching for that indefinable something else by leaving the city to settle down in the countryside... and once they have overcome their angst and faced their trials, discover that this something else is simply themselves. Armed with first-hand knowledge acquired from experience, Charlotte, Gesa and Estelle began writing a small piece about a Bohemian life in the country, a sort of survival guide for Parisians exiled far from their natural environment - a guide that take a humorous approach to discussing the various theoretical and practical aspects of successful Countryfication.


    With her soft, pure voice, slightly veiled, like an invisible crack through which emotion flows, Clou sings of melancholy. Set to pop and folk melodies, Clou writes, composes and performs songs that are bouncy and light, with lucid, precise lyrics that hit home and sometimes even hurt. They are songs that grab you by the heart and shake your spleen until you feel good. She sings How long will the mirage last / The illusion that all is well / You don't know / But so far all is well, and you don't know whether it's very sad, or quite happy after all; you only know that you love it.
    I want to live like in the movies, she also sings, with the music that marks my steps and the night that belongs to me. There is in these simple words a portrait of a woman, the evocation of a femininity that we love at Leon & Harper, which made us want to meet her, to meet this woman who declares: "It is my weaknesses that build me up and make me move forward."

    The first thing that strikes you about Clou is how generous her smile is and how easy she laughs. And then, as she discovers herself, as she agrees to lift the veil of her great modesty, it is how authentic she is, how deep she is, how much in truth she resembles her songs, the idea we had of her and which had made us want to know her better. We were won over.

    Ad augusta per angusta is Clou's mantra. Translated from Latin, it means through difficulties to honours. While it is undeniable that Clou alone determines her route and the rhythm of her steps, Leon & Harper is delighted to walk a piece of her path with her. The walk promises to be as enriching as it is enjoyable.


    A Parisian until recently, but still a stylist, it is now in Normandy, close to nature and to the slow rhythm of its seasons, between vegetable garden and fruit trees, where Alice Roca cultivates her art of style – even in her kitchen. Here, she patiently applies herself to making her passion for the good, the beautiful and the bucolic flourish. From fashion to cooking, she follows the thread with elegance: creating a garment, preparing a dish, arranging a bouquet or setting a table – for Alice, the process is the same: an aesthetic approach that involves studying colours, textures and arrangements – to imagine, to feel and then to create.

    In this little corner of Normandy where she has settled with her partner and her three children, we discover a large and beautiful building renovated with charm. Here are the vegetable garden and fruit trees, beautiful flowerbeds, a square dedicated to permaculture, a large table to welcome friends, and the consummate art of conviviality. In fact, we discover a woman who never stops moving forward and building. From her questionings and ambitions she creates projects at the heart of which is an awareness of the world, nature and eco-responsibility; a desire to commit and act, and also to communicate. Sowing and rooting, harvesting and reaping, sharing: a beautiful philosophy of life.

    There is a warmth, a generosity and a simplicity in Alice Roca that touched us. And also because at Leon & Harper we like to eat well: good, beautiful and organic, it didn't take much more to seduce us. Alice speaks of her memory as the great library of her tastes; we would love to settle there and take the time to savour each page.