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    A Parisian until recently, but still a stylist, it is now in Normandy, close to nature and to the slow rhythm of its seasons, between vegetable garden and fruit trees, where Alice Roca cultivates her art of style – even in her kitchen. Here, she patiently applies herself to making her passion for the good, the beautiful and the bucolic flourish. From fashion to cooking, she follows the thread with elegance: creating a garment, preparing a dish, arranging a bouquet or setting a table – for Alice, the process is the same: an aesthetic approach that involves studying colours, textures and arrangements – to imagine, to feel and then to create.

    In this little corner of Normandy where she has settled with her partner and her three children, we discover a large and beautiful building renovated with charm. Here are the vegetable garden and fruit trees, beautiful flowerbeds, a square dedicated to permaculture, a large table to welcome friends, and the consummate art of conviviality. In fact, we discover a woman who never stops moving forward and building. From her questionings and ambitions she creates projects at the heart of which is an awareness of the world, nature and eco-responsibility; a desire to commit and act, and also to communicate. Sowing and rooting, harvesting and reaping, sharing: a beautiful philosophy of life.

    There is a warmth, a generosity and a simplicity in Alice Roca that touched us. And also because at Leon & Harper we like to eat well: good, beautiful and organic, it didn't take much more to seduce us. Alice speaks of her memory as the great library of her tastes; we would love to settle there and take the time to savour each page.


    Elsa Wolinski. There is so much about her that you don't know where to begin. She is a wife, daughter and mother. She is a journalist and author. She is a militant feminist — but not exclusively — and an everyday-life campaigner. “I am a warrior fighting for ordinary things", she says. You can tell that she is touchy - but then who isn't? - and she is a dedicated woman. A very dedicated woman. That's right, a warrior. Don't suffer. Neither the nagging doubts nor the despairing way of the world. Making each obstacle a fight to win. Asserting yourself and your position as a woman. Accepting yourself for what you are and becoming more. Taking care of yourself. Learning to love yourself, and why not? Sneaking through the cracks and enthusiastically walking down the path of self-love. And then experiencing the love of others. Firstly the love of other women who are all sisters. Taking care of them. Elsa takes her motto from Gisèle Halimi: "Fighting for your cause is a must; reaching out and helping other women is a responsibility".

    Elsa Wolinski is a woman who is generous and sensitive, free and complete. A woman who turns out differently to what she is and what she thinks. A woman who is well-knit and thus endlessly under construction. Balancing out her imbalances. A woman who leads the way with her heart for project management. Her newest additions include a fashion line that is supportive and dedicated, along with a self-produced chat show and short films about heart-throbbing encounters - but all the massive arguments are never far away. The show is called The Eyes of Elsa and the wink is very popular.
    In another work, Le Fou d'Elsa, Louis Aragon claimed that "The future of man is woman". At Leon & Harper, we are convinced that this woman resembles Elsa Wolinski. A woman who is a pleasure to meet and is like all of us.