It's simple. When you leave the Leon & Harper boutique on Boulevard Beaumarchais, you turn right – well, why not? – and you haven't even finished smiling about the beautiful printed blouse you've just bought when Maison Plisson rushes towards you, arms outstretched to enfold all your foodie desires. A restaurant in the middle of a grocery shop? The concept is as fun as it is bold. You push open the door...

When they're such close neighbours, it would have been harder for Delphine Plisson and Philippe Corbin not to meet. Especially as the similarities between the two go much further than a simple geographic connection: two people with passions, for fashion as well as cuisine; two perfectionists constantly searching for quality products; two original, creative personalities who always put all of themselves into everything they do. Who they are: two bon vivants who like to eat as much as they like to dress well; two generous people who appreciate conviviality above all; two connoisseurs of life who share a humour that's affectionate yet sharp. What they do: take care of you, and make you happy.

In the apartment to which she wonderfully welcomed us for a day, Delphine has patiently, over time, created an ambiance that reflects her. Designer furniture found here and there, elegant curios brought back from a yoga retreat in India, objects that have a more personal history and to which her attachment is primarily sentimental: a cleverly-arranged mix, or perhaps not, nevertheless inspired, and which creates a coherent whole. Coherent as everything comes from her: an interior in which one feels good and that subtly evokes this Parisian woman, who is simultaneously an entrepreneur, mother of three children, and an independent, well-rounded woman. The Leon & Harper woman that we so love to dress.


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