The textile industry is the second most polluting industry in a world every day a little more exposed to the threat of an ecological disaster. Ignore this reality, pretend that it would not concern us, or lament our helplessness to act are not options for us.


Leon & Harper has always been a responsible company and a committed brand. Leon & Harper is today Born Again.

Born Again This is an assertion. The assertion of a renewed state of mind, regenerated by the awareness of urgency and the need to act today to preserve tomorrow.

Born Again It’s a conviction. The conviction that if fashion remains by nature anchored in the present, it can no longer overcome the requirements of a future for which we are collectively responsible.

Born Again It is a promise. A promise that we first make to ourselves, but also to our children. The promise to make eco -responsibility a priority in all aspects of our activity, from the creation and design of our products to their distribution, by obviously passing through their manufacture.

Born Again It’s finally a garment. A garment that keeps this promise, a garment that is part of this resolutely committed approach and the conviction that the well-being of the planet is as important as that of the women we dressed.

We do not pretend to be impeccable. We do not deny anything about our creation and quality requirements. We can't everything, but we are aware that by making ecology our priority, we can very much. We can do better, make better clothes, clothes that respect women as well as the environment.


And concretely be Born Again, it's what ?

- Make the choice since the launch of our first shop in 2013 to offer a nice shopping bag in reusable fabric rather than giving plastic bags.

- Adopt organic cotton in the heart of our t-shirt collections has always been.

- Strengthen the use of organic cotton in our collections of shirts and blouses.

- Always develop tailoring with recycled wool.

- Launch a new viscose from FSC certified forests.

- Introduce the recycled polyester with our fleeces.

- Use recycled boxes for all our deliveries and adapt the size of our boxes to content.

- Use recycled and biodegradable plastic packaging.

-Collaborate with Peru from our fall-winter 17 collection to promote local crafts and their know-how in terms of alpaca.

- Favor natural materials as much as possible.

- the implementation of a repair service clothes Leon & Harper In our Parisian shops> Discover the service