There are three of them. Three women who are independent and accomplished, free and creative. They are Charlotte Huguet, Gesa Hansen and Estelle Marandon. Three ex-Parisians recently settled down in the countryside, a few kilometres away from each other, in a clearing of the Forest of Fontainebleau, right in the heart of the Gatinais Francais Regional Natural Park. As neighbours, they embark on a joint adventure, this rich experience of migrating to reinvent a way of living.

They quickly became friends to form a small group we were delighted to encounter. Their union as a threesome created a strong sisterly spirit that greatly struck and seduced us all. We discovered three contrasting individuals, three strong and endearing personalities, and the strength of the link they wove between their shared aspirations: the quest for personal and professional fulfilment close to nature. They got together to sketch out a rural harmony that still draws influence from the previous lives they enjoyed as city-dwelling women, this Bohemian woman who at heart feels just as much at home in the city as in the fields, and whom Léon & Harper love to dress up..

A brand-new trio with a joint project in the making. Christened Countryfication, this project explores various forms of expression to talk about the burgeoning phenomenon of city-dwellers searching for that indefinable something else by leaving the city to settle down in the countryside... and once they have overcome their angst and faced their trials, discover that this something else is simply themselves. Armed with first-hand knowledge acquired from experience, Charlotte, Gesa and Estelle began writing a small piece about a Bohemian life in the country, a sort of survival guide for Parisians exiled far from their natural environment - a guide that take a humorous approach to discussing the various theoretical and practical aspects of successful Countryfication.