“I do not think that fashion is there today to place loan identities. Leon & Harper Rather would like to accompany this new generation of enterprising girls, full of talents and very free.
Today girls share between their job, their love (s), their hobbies, and the rest. I'm talking about those girls who invent, travel, experience. They quip a lot and keep kissing new projects that excite them.

Leon & Harper Offers a pop and enlightened fashion for these informed girls who respect the rules but twist the codes. Because they are the ones who decide when they want to seduce - or not. In short, they play but do not cheat. "

Philippe Corbin, founder of Leon & Harper


Leon & Harper offers a chic and untied fashion, designed for freedom of movement and subtle seduction. A fashion not snobbish, therefore, but which would like to highlight the prettiest part of yourself: the authentic, the one who agrees to greet the luck when she presents herself and then lets herself be carried by her ... Cool, naturally.

Cool mantra "The Better You Dream It, The Bigger You Do It”! Because, no, fantasy is not the opposite of reality: fantasy is the vibrant part of reality. Because a spirit that is both an entrepreneur and Arty hosts new young women. Because they combine intense friendships (this emotional blender) and the spirit of independence.

And because each beautiful accomplishment begins with a semi-secret dream: that of a story of which we will be the heroine. In short, one watchword: "Dream It Yourself ” !


Created in Paris in 2010 by Philippe Corbin, Leon & Harper Quickly imposed itself in the dressing room of free girls thanks to its basic timeless but twisted by a sense of detail. In April 2013 the first store Leon & Harper was born at the 95 Boulevard Beaumarchais, a changing space that turns evening into an art gallery or into a concert hall. Today Leon & Harper At 5 shops in Paris, all designed and decorated with a strong identity: shot furniture, paintings, perforated walls ...

Places, with a very desirable vintage appearance, which are very similar to the girl's apartment Leon & Harper.