A day with kaitlyn

When Kaitlyn Reinhart settled in Paris, she had in her suitcase, imported directly from her native Canada, an immoderate love for the plant and the culinary. She had the memory of a mother in love with her vegetable garden. That of a father whose great pleasure was to create beautiful on the plates. And also, in his background, the tenacious memory of this grandmother who took her to pick more strawberries than she could never feast on.

She says: “During the pandemic, I went to work six months in a 4000 m2 vegetable garden, tirelessly growing fruits, vegetables and herbs. It was for me, during this period, a form of therapy. Connect my hands and my feet to the earth, anchor my emotions, allowed me to think, think my life and feel it - what it had been and what I wanted now that it becomes. »»

Today independent head, Kaitlyn cultivates with art her passion for conscious and rich cuisine
of meaning. A form of poetry whose words would have pushed in the fields. Each of her culinary creations turns out to be a poem of flavors in which a philosophy of life has been expressed with simplicity and beauty that she has made his own: to take the time. Take the time for everything and for yourself, to connect to nature and its rhythms as majestic as it is slow.

She still says: "Cooking is a moment of meditation, introspection and creativity. You don't just nourish your body but also your mind. In this there is, I find a close proximity between culinary and fashion art. Cooking and dressing are two ways to express yourself artistically, to talk about yourself, that or the one you are. A dress that we wear like a dish that we prepare reflects a personality, an intimacy, a state of the mind. »»

There is in Kaitlyn cuisine a committed, taste and spiritual approach to food. It is an authentic and intimate cuisine that invites contemplation. Inventiveness, rusticity and refinement, authenticity and commitment: we could just as much use each of these words in order to evoke the way in which Leon & Harper designs fashion.

And it is no coincidence that we find in Kaitlyn's dress style this same bucolic approach, a style that she herself describes herself as a country chic. She ties scarves in her hair, likes to wear long jackets with gardening shoes, never goes out without a basket. Vintage? Obviously she loves, and hunting is another of her passions. At the house of Leon & Harper, Kaitlyn therefore likes not only a fashion in which she finds herself fully, but she also appreciates this eco -responsible commitment which is ours, quality and sustainable materials, organic cotton.

In this last collection, this locker room that we offer for this spring - summer 2023, she really liked the costume and the shirts. She loved the colors, these blues and these whites with romantic tones. This Jeremiah long skirt, with her pimples, is according to Kaitlyn the very essence of this chic country that he likes so much. And then there is this Parisis pants, very fashionable, style "pants pajamas" in more dressed version. And these long and fluid dresses that she can be carried with elegant hooves or comfortable sandals. Kaitlyn says she loves dressing at Leon & Harper. We believe it without difficulty.